Thursday, 3 November 2016

Advent Children Buster Sword replica for sale

Without going into the messy and boring details, lets get one thing straight. The Advent Children Buster Sword is no doubt one of the most notorious replicas available out there. But we are offering it at an incredible price of $76.50. The blade features top notch construction, well detailed structure, solid metal parts, leather wrapping on handle, durable design and a real like feel for the wielder.
The sword has an overall length of 43 inches and weighs pretty much because of the construction quality. As the cloud strife fans always want this item even if its costly or heavy, we added some modifications to make it even better than the real thing.

There are a total of 6 blades screwed together. The mounting is pretty solid and won’t come apart no matter what. What else you could want? In the animated movie, you could have seen the protagonist changing the form and shape of his sword. Well, that is something that makes the blade even lethal for the enemies. Cloud can actually increase the size by mounting more of his blades together ultimately resulting in ultima weapon. This thing allows him to adjust to the situation while enhancing his fighting abilities. Read more about the Advent Children Buster Sword from the link:

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